“The classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy” — bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress

Since 2017, I have served as a teaching assistant (TA) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Most of these opportunities have been within the Department of Religious Studies. The courses I was a TA for have ranged in topics from Western conceptions of the afterlife to conceptions of the supernatural in popular culture. Currently, I am a TA for Introduction to the New Testament. The course is designed to give students an introduction to historical-critical methods for understanding the Christian scriptures.

In Fall 2019, I taught my own course, “Black Atlantic Religions,” which is designed to introduce students to the history and context of religious traditions that formed in the circum-Caribbean during and as a result of the Middle Passage.

Spring 2020, I will be teaching “Gender Theory in the Study of Religion,” (draft syllabus). This course is designed to pair gender theory and religious studies texts together to examine the shared history of gender and religion.